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Cute Pipsa Owl  the plush toy is easy to make yourself. You can also sew a plush toy from your own child's small children's clothes or look for materials at the flea market. 


Note! The product contains formulas and instructions submitted by letter  and does not make a plush toy.

Delivery costs 2.9 € are added to the price


Formulas for private use only.
Commercial use without permission prohibited!


Materials you need for a plush toy:

Body fabric:   width 44cm and height 25cm      
Wing fabric:  32x15cm

A piece of plate wadding on the wings 18x17cm

Diagonal ribbon for beak and ears 38cm
White and dark craft felt for the eyes

Sewing machine
Embroidery thread for the eyes
Scissors and safety pins
Marking pen
Filling cotton

Pipsa Owl - formulas and instructions


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