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Bonnie Bunny is a best friend for children and adults. This toy loves hugging, comforting and listening to children.


You can sew this toy from your own favorite colors. You can also sew sustainable toy from recycled children's clothes.


The product is easy to make, but I do not recommend this product for the very first sewing project.


Note! This is a digital produt and doesn´t include ready made soft toy.


Patterns for personal use only.

Commecial use without permission is prohibited.


Size of the finished toy:

height 45cm


Materials you need for a plush toy:

Sewing machine



Embroidery thread for eyes

Scissors and pins

Fabric pencil and pencil

Stuffing material (filling cotton)

Wadding 27x16cm


Body: 74x44cm

Ears and tail: 26x15cm


Peppi Pupunen - formulas and instructions


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